AzIDA Liens & Payoffs

Payoffs, subordinations, and other DPA lien information

US Bank is our master servicer and has full delegation in the servicing of our AzIDA HOME Plus DPA 2nd liens.

US Bank is the servicer of both the 1st mortgage and HOME Plus DPA 2nd lien. The payoff statement from US Bank on the first mortgage will also include the required payoff on the HOME Plus DPA lien (listed as RCA: Recoverable Corporate Advance). They provided ONE payoff statement for both the first mortgage and AzIDA DPA 2nd lien. Upon receipt of the payoff funds, US Bank will also handle the release of the DPA 2nd lien.

Additionally, the current balance of the AzIDA HOME Plus assistance is included on the / your monthly mortgage statement from US Bank, again, listed as RCA: Recoverable Corporate Advance.

Finally, we do not subordinate or provide exceptions to the repayment terms on our HOME Plus DPA 2nd liens.

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